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Nails Torbay, browns bay, north Shore, auckland

Mobile Nail Technician

The full service of a Nail Salon at a time & location that suits you!​​

Pinky Nails will not be providing any mobile services until further notice.

nail art north shore auckland

Multi Prize Winning Nail Artist

Winner of Gelish Naill art competition

Nail Art NZ, Amazing nail art
Award winning nails nz

Tired of having less than perfect looking nails but

just don't have the time to get to the salon?

At Pinky Nails we understand that in today's busy

world sometimes life simply gets too busy to fit

in those little luxuries.........And with that in mind,

Pinky Nails is the mobile nail technician that can bring

the luxury of the nail salon to you - in the comfort

of your own home, in Hospital or Hospice,

retirement home or even at your workplace on your


Pinky Nails can offer the full services of a nail salon

at a time and location that suits you! 

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